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Friday, April 20, 2012

Freebie Friday - Karve Studio

I am so excited for this week's Freebie Friday because it is sponsored by a business very near and dear to my heart - Karve Studio!  Karve has been a part of my life for 3 years now, and in January I started training to become a teacher.  I am almost done with my training and am so thrilled to be able to share my love for this method!

Here is a description of Karve, straight from their website: "An evolved exercise method stemming from Callanetics and the Lotte Berk Method, the Karve exercise technique creates a lean, firm, sculpted body by reshaping and elongating the major muscles. Karve is the fastest, most effective and SAFEST way to change your body from the inside out. In one hour, this technique will create a high lifted seat, lean, shapely thighs, beautiful shoulders and triceps, and a trim waist. Originally created by a dancer in the 1950's, this method involves no jumping, jarring or damaging movements while efficiently burning fat and increasing stamina.

Karve fuses highly focused and controlled movements through ballet barre work, core strengthening, yoga, Pilates and orthopedic stretching techniques. Using high repetition, small range of motion, accuracy, and focus, each muscle group is worked thoroughly and completely, then stretched to create long lean lines. The entire body is challenged throughout the class, which quickly improves posture and body alignment, and creates a body equal in strength, beauty, balance, and youthful vitality."

Photos are courtesy of Karve Studio.

I take at least 4-5 Karve classes per week, and I am always challenged and sore afterwards.  That's the great thing about Karve - it's a safe, low impact workout for beginners and those with injuries, yet it can be really challenging for people of all levels, even those who have been taking the method for years.  The more I take it and learn the method, the more difficult it becomes because I know how to work my muscles deeper every time.  Plus, it's high energy, fun, and never boring!  Unlike some other barre classes, Karve changes every time.  The order of exercises is pretty standard each class, but the positions and variations always change so that your muscles never get used to the method.  It has really helped with my overall strength and flexibility, plus once weak knees are strong and stable again! 

The best thing about Karve, in my opinion, is that it's enjoyable.  The music is current and motivating, and the teachers really love what they do.  Karve is a time to enjoy our bodies, whatever the size or shape, move our muscles, and really challenge ourselves while clearing our heads and devoting an hour to our own well-being.
Karve has locations in Mesa and Old Town Scottsdale (Scottsdale Southbridge), as well as in Lindon, Utah.  A Gilbert, Arizona location is opening soon, and the North Scottsdale location will be opening this summer.  I will be mainly teaching the North Scottsdale location - it will be located off of Princess Drive and Pima, just off the 101.

The Scottsdale Southbridge studio will be moving mid-May from its 2nd floor location within The Mix on Stetson Drive to a 1st floor spot within the same building.  The future new owners Alyssa and Debbie are planning some awesome surprises and fun offers to celebrate the big move downstairs.  To keep in touch with Karve happenings, make sure to like them on Facebook!  North Scottsdale, Scottsdale Southbridge, Mesa, Gilbert, and Lindon, Utah all have their own Facebook pages.

Today's Freebie Friday is brought to you by Alyssa and Debbie and is a WHOLE WEEK of FREE Karve at the Southbrige studio in Old Town Scottsdale!  To enter to win, leave a comment below, telling me your favorite type of exercise or movement.  You can enter one time until midnight Pacific time today (April 20, 2012).  The winner will be drawn and announced Saturday morning.

Karve your body!



  1. There is absolutely NO question that my all time favorite workout is Karve!!! Not only is it challenging and completely different every class, it changes your body quickly and you can see dramatic results after only a few classes.

  2. Fun! I've always wanted to try Karve! At the moment, my favorite type of exercise is Bikram and running. Thanks Megan!

    1. Congrats Ashley - you're our winner for Freebie Friday! :)

  3. I'm big into TRX training right now but always looking for different trainings to confuse my body and reach max performance. I have some friends who rave about Krave.

  4. I have heard wonderful things about Karve and can't wait to try it!! At the moment I enjoy hot yoga and spinning and I always love to dance :)

  5. if I lived there - I would totally try it!
    right now I'm a spinning, hot yoga, and karate machine (or I would like to think I am)