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Monday, October 25, 2010

Check it out!

A friend and former fellow dietetic intern from LA County/USC Healthcare Network has a fantastic blog about natural health and wellness. Kathleen is a fountain of information, as well as an adventure-seeker, gardener, and wonderful cook. Check out her blog here!

Here's our crew of dietetic interns from 2006. Now we're all practicing dietitians, 2 in Arizona, 2 in California, and 1 in Washington. Kathleen is the sassy one in the middle, and she lives in Washington. The beauty next to me in the picture is Becky, who is due to have a baby next month. She lives in Tucson and works in corporate wellness. Julie in the green lives in Nor-Cal and works as a clinical dietitian for Kaiser. The spunky lady on the far right, Naoko, got a job at the hospital we all trained at and is now training future RDs as a clinical dietitian. I'm so honored to be part of an amazing, talented group of women!

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