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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chocolate Gogi Sea Salt Drops

What a year!  I can't believe 2013 is almost over.  It has been the most wonderful and eye-opening year for us here at Nutrition Transitions, yet we look forward to the change and renewal that 2014 will bring.  May you find peace in your thoughts about food and yourself in 2014.


******From Intern Kelsey******

I am very excited to be sharing with you one of the best tasting cookies I have ever tried! The holidays always sneak up on me. I usually make a bunch of different types of homemade cookies for Christmas, but this year I was extremely busy preparing for the GRE and getting my registered dietitian internship applications ready. Luckily, I found these cookies on FoodBabe. I am a big fan of goji berries. They are not only packed with powerful antioxidants and vitamin A, they also taste very good! By mixing them with chocolate, this just doubles the amazingness of these berries! Also, this recipe only needs four ingredients and are very easy to make. Even though I wasn't able to make all my homemade cookies this year, my family was disappointed with these!

Chocolate Goji Sea Salt Drops

2 bags or 20 ounces of chocolate chips
4-6 ounces of goji berries
8 ounces of almonds chopped in half
¼ teaspoon sea salt plus additional for sprinkling


Assemble ingredients. 

Fill a small pot with ¼ water and heat to simmer.

Place a large bowl on top of the pot. This will create a double boiler.

Fill bowl with chocolate chips and slowly melt.

Once all chocolate is melted, stir in sea salt, goji berries and almonds.

Use a tablespoon to drop mixture onto wax paper.

Top each drop with a small sprinkle of sea salt.

Refrigerate and allow the chocolate to cool.