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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Favorite Tool

If you have ever used SnagIt, you will know how absolutely incredible it is. From their website: “Snagit is the most useful tool you will find to combine pictures, words, and other objects into a meaningful illustration…” SnagIt allows you to capture anything on a computer screen (website, photo, text, anything!) and manipulate it.

Today was a monumental day for SnagIt lovers, because SnagIt for Mac is now available! I had always used it on my work PC, but now I can use it at home and on this blog! Check out a little snapshot of what it's capable of doing.


  1. Cool tool! I am going to try it to enhance my slides for teaching. Cannot wait to see you Thanksgiving weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Carol! You would absolutely LOVE it for teaching. It's only $60, and you can get a 30-day trial for free. I would have had so much fun if I used it while we worked together! See you soon...looking forward to it!